Visual Art

Preschool Art
    K2 – K5 students meet once a week: 15 minutes for K2 and 20 minutes for K3 – K5.


Elementary Art
    1st – 5th grade students meet once a week for 45 minutes.


Middle School Art
    This elective class is available for 6th – 8th grade students.


High School Art
    Art l
    This high school elective focuses primarily on the basics of art. During the first of the week we use the textbook ArtTalk, written by Ragans. Along with our text there will be additional training DVD’s and information introduced. The second half of the week is used as studio time. Studio time allows the student to develop drawing skills, practice observation techniques for the beginning artist as well as introducing the basics of different media.

    Art ll
    This high school elective reviews text information gathered in art l on Monday. Abstraction (simplification), impressionism (effect of light on objects), and expressionism (creating a mood or feeling with color) are the styles explored using different media. Students will be expected to creatively apply skills developed in previous art courses, design for a specific assignment, and meet deadlines. Students will also research other artists and their work styles, and be expected to develop a portfolio of work.

    Art III
    This high school elective is designed for students who have a mastery of basic skills. Active participation in group critiques is essential. Other factors include daily attendance, completion of assignments on time, craftsmanship. Art III is comprised of a combination of class issues and independent work. Independent work is by contract on each project and is aimed at in-depth development of personal imagery and style. Class study includes intensive drawing review, mastery of contour and gesture drawing, nature study, nature’s geometry, portraiture, and color composition. Units of study include watercolor, oil and/or acrylic painting, nature’s geometry and three-dimensional work. Students are required to maintain a sketchbook that documents their thought process.

    Advance Placement
    This high school elective is for students who are interested in further advanced study and preparation of an art portfolio. When all criteria are met the student can summit their portfolio to AP art Central to be graded for possible college credit. Work may include, but is not limited to: advanced painting and drawing, three-dimensional mixed media work, as well as, independent projects designed to further develop the student’s personal aesthetic expression. Students must have permission from the instructor to enroll in this advanced course.


Kathie Stabler

Brittany Anderson

Elementary Art