Annual Church Campus AISA School Art Competition


We had a great turnout on the Church Campus for the annual AISA School Art Competition! First and second place winners from each category will be going on to the District Competition this Friday. We are proud of all of our students who submitted artwork and are cheering on those whose work has advanced!
K5 - 1st
Painting- Thomas Jackson
Waterbase painting- Addie Jo Archer and Heidi Stirm
Printmaking- Colton Bonner and Drake Gibson
Drawing (Color)- Winnie Bass and Drake Gibson
Collage/Mixed Media- Khloe Lewis and Joey McDonald
2nd - 3rd
Painting- Jaxon Williams and Hadley Tew
Waterbase Painting- Sophia Vicens and Lindley Sandefur
Drawing Non-Color- Hadley Tew and Maddie Daugette
Drawing Color- Anna Richardson and Mia McDonald
Collage/Mixed Media- Hadley Tew and Lindley Sandefur
3D Arts/Crafts- Lila Henderson and Connor Wade
4th - 6th
Painting- Gracie Eisenbeis and Ryleigh Jackson
Waterbase Painting- Gracie Eisenbeis and Lakelynn Fant
Drawing Non-Color- Jaycee Nelson and Gracie Eisenbeis
Drawing Color- Ruth Brasseal and Lakelynn Fant
Collage/Mixed Media- Maggie Breenes and Lakelynn Fant
Photography- Andrew Shanks
3D Arts/ Crafts- Sophie Caldwell and Will Bowman
7th - 8th
Painting- Marley Williams
Waterbase Painting- Kaelyn Mitchell
Printmaking- Jessie Gibbs and Emma Rose Tillman
Drawing Non-Color- Wesley Johnson
Drawing Color- Isabel Oldshue and Annie Dinkle
Collage/Mixed Media- Emma Rose Tillman

District will take place at Faith Academy and the 1st place winners from there will move on to the final round of the state competition. Unfortunately, this year they are not allowing students or parents to come view the work but Mrs. Anderson will be present to take pictures and post the results as soon as she can!

Below are pictures of the first place winners for each age group. To view all of the finalists, visit the CHCA Facebook page.

K5 - 1st Grade Artwork Finalists

2nd - 3rd Grade Artwork Finalists

4th - 6th Grade Artwork Finalists

7th - 8th Grade Artwork Finalists