Faculty and Staff Directory
Mr. Jeremy Sandefur
Head of School
Brandi Richardson
Mrs.  Brandi  Richardson
West Campus Director
Mr. Trent Catchpole
Church Campus Director
Selena Dressler

Mrs. Selena Dressler

Finance Director 

Chris Brazell

Mr.  Chris  Brazell
 Director of Athletics

Varsity Football Coach

Varsity Baseball Coach

Jill Hannan
Mrs. Jill Hannan
Early Childhood Director
Janis Hyke
Mrs. Janis Hyke
EEC Director
Martha Winter
Mrs. Martha Winter
Preschool Director
Tommy Hinton

Mr. Tommy Hinton
Middle School Director

Middle School History Teacher

Jennifer Newton

Mrs. Jennifer Newton
Admissions Director

Varsity Volleyball Coach

Middle School English Teacher

Cindy Hall

Mrs. Cindy Hall
Academic and College Advisor, High School Math

Adam Thomas

Mr. Adam Thomas

Dean of Students

Assistant Athletic Director

Anna Lovette
Mrs. Anna Lovette
Director of Communications
Faculty and Staff- Church Campus
K-2 Teachers
K2 Teaching Assistants
Amanda Alford

Mrs. Amanda Alford

K-2 Teaching Assistant

Angel Bouler

Mrs. Angel Bouler

K-2 Teaching Assistant

Christen Driskell

Mrs. Christen Driskell

K-2 Teaching Assistant

K-3 Teachers
Cara Craig

Mrs. Cara Craig

K-3 Teacher

Paige Alley

Ms. Paige Alley

K-3 Teacher

Terra Gibson
K-4 Teachers
K-5 Teachers
Holly Jordan

Ms. Holly Jordan

K-5 Teacher

Sandy Williams
1st Grade Teachers
2nd Grade Teachers
Kelly Clifton

Mrs. Kelly Clifton

1st Grade Teacher

Paula McDaniel

Mrs. Paula McDaniel

1st Grade Teacher

Elizabeth Bryant

Mrs. Elizabeth Bryant

2nd Grade Teacher

Heather Cubitt

Mrs. Heather Cubitt

2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Teachers
4th Grade Teachers
5th Grade Teachers
Krissy Hipp

Mrs. Krissy Hipp

3rd Grade Teacher

Sydney Loper

Mrs. Sydney Loper

3rd Grade Teacher

Kayla Parazine

Mrs. Kayla Parazine

4th Grade Teacher

Kimberly Wilkes

Mrs. Kimberly Wilkes 

4th Grade Teacher

Angela Jordan

Ms. Angela Jordan

5th Grade Teacher

Mary- Katelin Summerlin
Middle School Teachers
Harmony Chason

Mrs. Harmony Chason

Middle School Bible and PE Taecher

Jessica Kakish

Mrs. Jessica Kakish

Middle School Math Teacher

Annie Nyeste

Mrs. Annie Nyeste

Middle School English Teacher

Sarah Olsen

Mrs. Sarah Olsen

Middle School Math Teacher

Beth Quave

Mrs. Beth Quave

Middle School Science Teacher

Shay Steedley

Mrs. Shay Steedley

Middle School English and Science Teacher

PE Teachers
Lee Bonds

Mrs. Lee Bonds

Preschool PE Teacher

Summer Howard

Mrs. Summer Howard

Preschool and Elementary PE Teacher

Bobby Parish

Mr. Bobby Parish

Elementary and Middle School PE Teacher

John Price

Mr. John Price

Elementary and Middle School PE Teacher

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Margo Reed

Mr. Margo Reed

Elementary and Middle School PE Teacher

Track and Field Coach 

Strength and Conditioning Football Coach

Arts Teachers
Brittney Anderson

Ms. Brittney Anderson

Elementary School Art Teacher

Walter Cazalas

Mr. Walter Cazalas

Spanish & Conservator Teacher

Kathy Floyd

Mrs. Kathy Floyd

Piano Teacher

Staff and Extracurricular Teachers
Katie Thomas

Mrs. Katie Thomas

Church Campus Office Manager

Janie Neese

Mrs. Janie Neese

Preschool Aide

Christina Stirm

Mrs. Christina Stirm

Elementary Computer Teacher

Nicole Sweatt

Mrs. Nicole Sweatt

Preschool and Elementary Chapel, Yearbook

Robin Thullesen

Mrs. Robin Thullesen

Library Specialist

Faculty and Staff- West Campus
History Teachers
Dwight Lambert

Mr. Dwight Lambert

High School History and Electives Teacher

Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach

Ashley Martin

Mrs. Ashley Martin

High School History Teacher

Sarah Peoples

Mrs. Sarah Peoples 

High School History Teacher

Varsity Softball Assistant Coach

Science Teachers
Charlet Fuller

Mrs. Charlet Fuller

High School Science Teacher

Tykeela McCants

Mrs. Tykeela McCants

High School Science Teacher

Mary Kathleen Shaw

Mrs. Mary Kathleen Shaw

High School Science Teacher

English Teachers
Jennifer Glassford

Mrs. Jennifer Glassford

High School English Teacher

Patrick Morris

Mr. Patrick Morris

High School English Teacher

Math Teachers
Don Jones

Mr. Don Jones

High School Math Teacher

Anna Miller

Mrs. Anna Miller

High School Math Teacher

Kimberly Tharp

Mrs. Kimberly Tharp

High School Math Teacher

Bible Teachers
Tim Morgan

Mr. Tim Morgan

High School Bible Teacher

Jeremy Samplaski

Mr. Jeremy Samplaski

High School Bible Teacher and Campus Pastor

Golf Coach

Arts Teachers
Susan Sanders

Mrs. Susan Sanders

West Campus Chorus, Theater and Flag Corp, Church Campus Theater

Matt Squires

Mr. Matt Squires

Middle and High School Band, Flag Corp, and IT Coordinator

Kathie Stabler

Mrs. Kathie Stabler

High School Art Teacher

Electives Teachers
Molly Broders

Mrs. Molly Broders

ACT Prep Teacher

Kendall Morgan

Mrs. Kendall Morgan

High School Spanish Teacher

Leah Rutledge

Mrs. Leah Rutledge

West Campus Receptionist

Marie Sorel
Ali White

Mrs. Ali White

Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Business Office