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    Preschool Handbook

    CHCA offers a wonderful full day program with many hands on learning opportunities. We value a challenging and stimulating learning environment. Our classrooms are a place where the wonder and curiosity of learning provide a foundation for lifelong achievement. We believe the preschool experience should be an enjoyable journey, not a race. This journey will develop the child spiritually, intellectually, and socially. This development will give the student a strong sense of self worth and confidence. Each student will carry these attributes into every other life experience.


    Our K2 program is full of fun, interesting and developmentally appropriate activities for the two year old child. We encourage each student in learning with hands-on activities. We also integrate music, drama, literature, math manipulatives, and science into our daily routines. We believe that God created all of us. With this in mind, our loving staff creates opportunities for our two year olds to develop socially, intellectually and spiritually. We utilize biblical based curriculum for character development and enrichment. Our themed units assist us in reaching our goals of learning. Also, you will find our classroom environment to be filled with enriching activities that appeal to the whole child.

    K3 & K4 

    Our K3 and K4 programs offer a well rounded program that is developmentally appropriate and biblically based for the three and four year old child. Three and four year olds love to explore. Our highly qualified teaching staff will guide the exploring students into learning. This is accomplished through hands-on experiences and integration of educational disciplines such as music, art, science, drama, and literature. We also build learning around the A Beka phonics and themed units. You will find our classroom environment to be loving, fun and full of learning opportunities. Our K3 and K4 students also enjoy computer, physical education, music, art, and library. We firmly believe God has created each of us as individuals; therefore we strongly value each child. With this in mind, our staff in dedicated to work with parents for the enjoyable development of each child. Interwoven in our program are the biblical principles of faith and trust in God, respect for others, self, and the world around them. As we work together on these principles, we hope to foster a life long love for learning and for God.


         Our K5 program, we strive to make school an exciting, inviting, creative, fun, intellectually stimulating place where children want to come each day. Our K5 curriculum recognizes that children develop at different levels. We use multi-sensory approaches to learning, so all children reach their goals. Our students are involved in math, reading skills, social studies, library, music, art, Spanish, computer lab, and daily instructional physical education classes. We also host many different activities for our K5 students throughout the year. Come and join in on the fun!